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Luxury residential units in the best location in Pörtschach.



Living with garden, pool and vegetable patch.



Live where others go on vacation.



Relaxed luxury, serene exclusivity



Sensuality, intimacy and togetherness


Really living

Lifestyle is not just what you surround yourself with. It is sensation and discovery. It is indulgence and adventure. It is the hustle and bustle of summer and the contemplative quiet of winter. One who lives where others spend their holiday truly knows how to live.


Living in contemplation, grasping a sense of being. Letting the gaze wander, and unwinding, enjoying a breathtaking view over the Caribbean-blue lake with a backdrop of snowy mountains, all from the comfort of your own home. From the living room, the bedroom, the private terrace, and the garden. A view over the infinity pool, the property-owned vegetable garden, across the lake, all the way to the Karawanks.


The dream becomes reality

It is no surprise that the “fair-weather-valley” of lake Wörthersee is one of Austria’s most popular holiday destinations. Relaxation and adventure can be found here at equal measure. In Pörtschach especially. With a view across the lake, of the Pyramidenkogel, and Maria Wörth, framed by the Karawanks, Pörtschach offers countless ways to enjoy life.


There is no lack of infrastructure either. Health, education, children’s day care, culture, culinary art, and leisure, all in easy reach – all this is Pörtschach. Locally, we call this quality of life.


A comfortable way of life 

Relaxing luxury. Laid-back exclusivity. Beauty at your feet. A habitat that encourages mindfulness and creates a connection with nature. With humanity at the centre. This is how you can live sustainably. Down-to-earth, authentic, smart. At lake Wörthersee.


The focus is on architecture and sustainability. Stone, wood, water, and luscious green nestle into the landscape and create wellness and comfort. “Aussichtsreich” (“rich in views” or “realm of views”) is a unique project that lives up to its name. No matter if you look at it by day, by night, from the north, or from the south.


Design and functionality 

Living every day in a 5-star-hotel. This is the concept you can expect, if you choose your all ready for occupancy apartment. Experienced interior designers combined precious materials with exceptional style, and extra-ordinary functionality for your living comfort. A harmonious interior design concept with classy designer furniture made from high-quality materials bring joie-de-vivre, luxury, brightness and perspective to your every day.


Timeless design is coupled with high-quality construction and great infrastructure. From your perfectly equipped Italian designer kitchen, your bright designer bathroom made from stone and wood, to your walk-in wardrobe and your terrace – every small detailed is perfectly planned and crafted.


At a glance 

“Aussichtsreich” is a unique project of the highest order. With an expected finish in 2024, 9 apartments will be waiting to be filled with life. This property is, in every detail, unparalleled, from its vitality, to its perfect location, and its luxurious yet sustainable execution. You cannot buy lifestyle that is worth living, but one can meet the necessary conditions in the best way possible. This is what we have done.


Here you can find an overview of all relevant plans, measurements, conditions, and details of the interior. And, of course, our contact information.