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Here, you really live


Birds of prey circle high above the waves, the clouds roll in and rain falls. The change of the seasons tinges the whispering woods in different colours of light. The faint lights of the night reflect on the surface of the lake and the boats rock gently on the waves. Time seems to come to a standstill, making room for life.

Room for life unfolds naturally, when your dream home already stands, harmonious, exclusive, and perfectly planned. It awaits, beyond the hills of Pörtschach, with a fantastic view of the lake.

  • 2 houses with 9 apartments each, from 58-170m2
  • every apartment includes a terrace, balcony and/or garden with a private lake view
  • garage, gardens, infinity-pool, community vegetable garden

We are here for you and all your questions.


Apartments and property


All ready to move in upon request


Here, intimacy and community work in tandem. Idyllic, yet still perfectly placed in excellent infrastructure, the property lies on the hills above Pörtschach. All 9 arpartments offer blissful remoteness, yet warm and welcoming community.


The lake, the mountains, the woods, and meadows. Sport and leisure possibilities, without having to drive too far. Contemplation, peace and quiet, and laid-back luxury simply come with the location. And top of everything, all this still comes with reliable infrastructure.

Way of life

Pool and vegetable garden. Garages and alternative sources of energy. Natural, precious materials, and well-planned living. The trick lies in living sustainably, without having to surrender luxury.

Worth living

Grocery shopping, health, education, neighbouring community, sanctuary, public transport, sports, and unwinding. Here, all elements comes together to form one perfect whole.


Details about Pörtschach