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The Property

In Harmony with Landscape and Nature


Vision is everything – in more sense than one. Lake Wörthersee is at your feet, and the Karawanks glisten at the periphery of your vision. Sustainable sources of energy are integrated into the property and accessibility is a given. Perfect quality in every detail is at the heart of the property.

No detail has been spared, design as well as functionality are always at the forefront. The lighting, the grand and generous gardens, the wooden fronts, the spacious terraces with natural stone covers, the infinity-pool, and of course, the way the property seemlessly aligns with the landscape. Every element of the property is treated sensibly and is cleverly thought out.

This is evident in the completely carbon-neutral heat production using biomass, and in the sustainable production of warm water using fresh water modules. It can also be found in the community vegetable gardens on the property, as well as a well-planned garage and basement.


  • Estimated to be ready for occupancy in 2024
  • All apartments barrier-free and suitable for assisted living
  • 3 options: shell property (ready for finishing), turn-key-ready, ready for occupancy
  • Sustainable, low-cost energy sources
  • Every apartment includes a terrace, balcony and/or garden with a private lake view
  • Garage and cellar for every apartment
  • Gardens, infinity pool, and community vegetable garden


Here’s what could be inside – upon request